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This 2005 document on cancer causing agents (RoC) is an informational clinical and public healthiness record that identifies and discusses brokers, elements, combos, or publicity situations which could pose a risk to human health and wellbeing by way of advantage in their carcinogenicity. It serves as a significant and beneficial compilation of information on (1) The carcinogenicity (ability to reason cancer), genotoxicity (ability to break genes), and biologic mechanisms (modes of motion within the physique) of the indexed components in people and/or in animals, (2) the possibility of human publicity to those ingredients, and (3) Federal rules to restrict exposures.
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cancer agents indexed within the 11th record
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• document on cancer causing agents Nomination evaluation strategies

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IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risk of Chemicals to Humans, vol. 73. Lyon, France: International Agency for Research on Cancer. 338 pp. NCI. 1978. Bioassay of o-Anisidine Hydrochloride (CAS No. 134-29-2) for Possible Carcinogenicity. Technical Report Series No 89. DHEW (NIH) Publication No. 78-1339. Bethesda, MD: National Institute of Health. 130 pp. NIOSH. 1976. National Occupational Hazard Survey (1972-74). Cincinnati, OH: Department of Health, Education and Welfare. NIOSH.

Arsenic and arsenic compounds occur in crystalline, powder, amorphous, or vitreous forms. 73, sublimes at 613°C, and has a very low vapor pressure of 1 mm Hg at 373°C. 9 to more than 5. Arsenic trioxide, the most common arsenic compound in commerce, melts at 312°C and boils at 465°C (ATSDR 2000). In water, elemental arsenic is insoluble, calcium arsenate and arsenites are sparingly soluble, and arsenic trioxide, arsenic pentoxide, and other arsenicals are soluble. Arsenic pentoxide, potassium arsenite, and the sodium salts are soluble in ethanol.

NTP. 1996. Toxicology and Carcinogenesis Studies of 1-Amino-2,4-Dibromoanthraquinone in F344/N Rats and B6C3F1 Mice (Feed Studies). Technical Report Series No 383. Research Triangle Park, NC: National Toxicology Program. Sathiakumar, N. and E. Delzell. 2000. An updated mortality study of workers at a dye and resin manufacturing plant. J Occup Environ Med 42(7): 762-71. SRI. 2003. Directory of Chemical Producers. com/Public/ (Visitor Search). REPORT ON CARCINOGENS, ELEVENTH EDITION SUBSTANCE PROFILES REFERENCES 1-Amino-2-Methylanthraquinone CAS No.

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