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I try and draw different body types and not just the stock standard “hero” proportions. 05). com page 30 Issue 056 August 2010 Min Yum Sketchbook I can’t say I am a fan of crazy amounts of detailed overlay design. For example a character with five heads and nine tails, a huge sword and gun, with big padded armour wrapped around him that contains a million daggers doesn’t really interest me. I tend to stick to a few key characteristics as far as design is concerned and avoid adding too much detail.

With shapes will give the viewer a more focused Blocking In With a large Opaque brush I start to block in Depth Establishment shapes for the cityscape. com page 61 overall feel, leading the viewer’s eyes into the image. 05). This gives the image an alien setting and again, adds depth to the composition. 06). I will keep the light direction in mind when I define the buildings. Because of the strong back light established in the image, most of the buildings will only catch highlights on the top and the side facing the light.

The image. The big machine to the left will be that can be used to flesh out the overall look Sometimes I find it helpful to add bits of some of some sort of cooling apparatus for the drill, so I and feel of a level in the game. I start out by my old paintings and toggle through the layers have to make sure to add vents to make it look establishing my lens and blocking in the overall menu in Photoshop. 03). com page 50 Issue 056 August 2010 Concept art for Games Chapter 2: Environments When designing I like to try different thing out on a separate layer or even on paper before settling on a final design.

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