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Great show on Tue nights Parking in car park in Elizabeth St. No parking – Catch a cab 62 A Better Way to Date The Reconnaissance Mission By spending time doing this type of investigation, you will not have to panic trying to find somewhere to go when you have a date. It also looks good when you are on a date if you are able to say, "I know a great little café nearby". Knowing where you are going, where to park your car and what to expect are also good ways to reduce your anxiety levels on a date.

Anything else will come across as contrived and make you sound sleazy. Your first conversation will probably be about the situation or activity you share because it is the only thing that you know you have in common. In the new job example you could simple ask the woman how she fits into the company you have joined. Your opening discussion should not be too long, just a quick friendly chat to find out a little about her and establish a line of communication. 59 A Better Way to Date Developing Self Confidence Another approach to meeting others which is very effective but which requires a bit more self-confidence is to use the fact that you are new to a situation to actively introduce yourself to as many people as possible.

Polo Sport: A fresh daytime fragrance for the casual, sportsman and outdoors profiles. 2. Safari: A more sophisticated fragrance for the executive and formal profiles. 53 A Better Way to Date How To Dress To Impress These types of fragrances generally come as aftershave and eau de toilette. The eau de toilette offers a number of advantages over the aftershave. Firstly it solves the problem of how much to wear. It is often hard to know how much aftershave to apply but with the eau de toilette spray bottle you can be sure that you are not over doing things.

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