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Other modifications include puri. avnalwqh,setai (Q, “… will be consumed with fire …”), qusi,a avnalwqh,setai (Y, “… sacrifice will be consumed …”), evn puri. dokimasqh,setai (1195, “… will be tested by fire …”), and pa/sa de. ouvsi,a avnalwqh,setai (implied by itk, “and all [their] substance will be destroyed,” O being read for ;, and analw for alialic). 1). 3)? Despite the plausibility of such a possibility, the fact that the Matthean passage is not absolutely parallel (prosh/lqon auvtw|/ Farisai/oi) and the widespread and impressive support for the longer reading led a majority of the Committee to retain the words in the text.

Auvtw|/ a;ggeloj avpV (avpo. n kai. geno,menoj evn avgwni,a| evktene,steron proshu,ceto\ evge,neto de. (om. j auvtou/ w`sei. qro,mboi ai[matoj katabai,nontej evpi. n gh/n. 59). The concurrence of the best representatives of the Alexandrian, the Western, and the early Syriac texts in support of the shorter reading constitutes strong external support. 13. In the post-apostolic church the double name was common (cf. Ignatius, Trall. 9, Magn. 11, Smyr. 1, and many passages in Justin Page 55 Martyr).

The words kai. dusba,stakta should not stand in the text, for (a) if they were present originally, no good reason can account for their absence from such a wide variety of witnesses, and (b) the tendency of copyists to enhance the solemnity of Jesus’ words accounts for the prefixing of mega,la before bare,a in a, and for the interpolation after bare,a of the synonymous expression kai. 46. 47 is clear (a) from its absence in the earliest and best authorities of the Alexandrian and the Western types of text, and (b) from the fact that the witnesses that include the passage have it in different places, either after ver.

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