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This finished quantity info the diversity of constitutions and kinds of governing our bodies within the historical Greek world.

• a suite of unique scholarship on historical Greek governing constructions and institutions
• Explores the a number of manifestations of kingdom motion in the course of the Greek world
• Discusses the evolution of presidency from the Archaic Age to the Hellenistic interval, historic typologies of presidency, its numerous branches, ideas and tactics and nation-states of governance
• Creates a special synthesis at the spatial and memorial connotations of presidency through combining the most recent institutional study with newer traits in cultural scholarship

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In an act of defiance against the British government, American colonists disguised as Native Americans boarded a British ship in Boston harbor and dumped crates of tea overboard. After the first shots were fired in the American Revolution in 1775, delegates to the second national Congress gathered to form the Continental Army. George Washington was chosen commander in chief of the American army. However, Congress did not have the power to levy taxes to raise money for supplies to fight the war.

That state held out until 1790, after the new government was in place. 4 The Bill of Rights By September 1789, both houses of Congress had agreed on a Bill of Rights with twelve provisions. C. 1 Acting on Mason’s suggestion, Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts moved that a committee be formed to draft a bill of rights. Mason seconded the motion. (Mason had authored the bill of rights for Virginia’s state constitution. S. ) The delegates rejected Gerry’s motion, and the finished Constitution did not include a bill of rights.

Many of the framers believed that liberty was adequately protected by the balance of power among the three branches of government. For this reason, they said, additional personal liberties—such as freedom of religion, or freedom from random searches—were not listed in the original Constitution. Also, eight of the thirteen state constitutions contained a bill of rights. S. Constitution. Those convention delegates who argued against including a bill of rights in the Constitution also said that listing certain rights could be dangerous, because omission could imply that any right not listed in writing would not exist.

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