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005% residual light output after 3 ms, 60 to 1000 times less than NaI(Tl)] is a significant advantage a t these scan rates. , 1983) and has found applications in gamma-ray borehole logging (Stromswold, 1981). At the time of writing (1984), the higher cost, lower light output and poorer energy resolution of BGO compared with NaI(T1) continue to make BGO a less attractive choice for routine x-ray and gamma-ray measurements. For more details see Heath, 1983. 2 The Scintillation Process In order t o understand the modern scintillation detector and the concepts of pulse-height analysis, let us consider the basic processes involved.

M = N/n is called the multiplication factor. Multiplication factors have been worked out theoretically (Rose and Korff, 1941). Figure 7 shows experimental values for M as a function of applied voltage for argon. A comparison of theory and experiment has been made recently by Hendricks (1972). 1 Shape of the Output Pulse In contrast to the pulse ionization chamber where the main part of the pulse is determined by the rapid movement of electrons, the pulse 26 / 2. PHYSICS OF SOME RADIATION DETECTORS 500 1000 VOLTS 1500 Fig.

4) can be used to determine the efficiency of the detectors of the two coincident radiations, and thence to calculate the activity of the radionuclide in question. In the case of 'OCo, the activity may be determined either by beta-gamma coincidence counting of the '%o beta particles and the 60Nigamma rays, or by gamma-gamma coincidence counting of the two 60Ni gamma rays in cascade. 2). 4). These are particularly useful where a radionuclide decays to a delayed excited state of a daughter nucleus.

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