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During this booklet, Ruskin Bond very skillfully places jointly a few of his so much adored and best-loved quotations and sayings. a bit e-book of existence, because the name says is a e-book, which has the entire components of existence, and is certain to make the readers relax and smile. within the e-book, Ruskin Bond offers his techniques on nature, love, funds, kinfolk, friendship, enemies and briefly, all of the little components that sum up our lives.

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These areas are strongly marked for elite men because their style heavily involves the highly valorised traits of objectivity, abstractness, rationality and suppression of emotionality; and also because of their function, which exhibits most strongly the virtues of transcendence of, control of and struggle with nature. In the equal admission strategy, women enter science, but science itself and its orientation to the domination of nature (and domination of excluded groups) remain unchanged. The uncritical equality strategy associated with liberal feminism has been rejected to varying degrees by several recent forms of feminism.

In modern discourses of liberation, things are deplored or praised in terms of conformity to a concept of ‘full humanity’. 11 Once these assumptions are made explicit, the connection between the stance adopted on the issue of the woman/nature connection and the different options for feminism becomes clearer. In terms of this framework the main traditional position—the point of departure for feminism—can be seen as one in which the ideals of human character are not, as they often pretend to be, gender-neutral, but instead converge with those of mastery, while the ideals of womanhood diverge.

They reject the absorption of women into this male mould, which is perceived as yielding a culture not of life but of misogyny and death (Daly 1978:62). The principle behind this critique is important and illuminating, even if it is sometimes presented in an oversimplified form: it is not only women who have been damaged and oppressed by assimilation to the sphere of nature, but also western culture itself which has been deformed by its masculinisation and denial of the sphere associated with women.

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