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By W. K. Thomas

Wordsworth depicted Newton, as Roubiliac may possibly have performed in his statue of him, as voyaging, in ecstasy, via God's sensorium. within the Prelude passage from which the identify A brain For Ever Voyaging is derived, and in a number of others portraying Newton and technology, Wordsworth turns out to have written for 2 audiences, most of the people and a way smaller, deepest viewers, whereas trying to increase the minds of either to God. Like Pope sooner than him, Wordsworth completed "What oft was once wrought, yet ne'er so good exprest."

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The context for the phrase is this: Wordsworth felt that the "spiritual men" who had preceded him to Cambridge (and of whom Newton's own ethereal self was the most eminent) seemed "humbled" in the precincts of the University. " But there is an even more specific meaning to "ethereal" which is probably operative in this particular phrase concerning Newton. 70 Of the many passages Newton wrote concerning ether, this one, in his Second Paper on Light & Colours, is probably the most revealing: Perhaps the whole frame of nature may be nothing but various contextures of some certain aethereal spirits, or vapours, condensed as it were by precipitation, much after the manner, that vapours are condensed into water, or exhalations into grosser substances, though not so easily condensible; and after condensation wrought into various forms; at first by the immediate hand of the Creator; and ever since by the power of nature; which, by virtue of the command, increase and multiply, became a complete imitator of the copies set her by the protoplast.

For could he Whose piercing mental eye diffusive saw The finished university of things In all its order, magnitude, and parts Forbear incessant to adore that Power Who fills, sustains, and actuates the whole? 22 Apotheosis No wonder that poets addressed him in the language used for the heroes of heroic tragedy. " 23 Richard Owen Cambridge described the effort of a gentleman to "give the demigod a shrine," and Francis Fawkes, this time translating the Latin of Edmund Halley which we quoted earlier, wrote, somewhat more felicitously: Newton, by every favouring Muse inspir'd, With all Apollo's radiations fir'd: Newton, that reach'd th' insuperable line, The nice barrier 'twixt human and divine.

22 A MIND FOR EVER VOYAGING To certain Englishmen Sir Christopher Wren was this kind of sage and artist who should accordingly be regarded as a hero. For John Evelyn, Wren needs no Panegyrick, or other History to eternize [ his Virtues and Accomplishments ], than the greatest City of the Universe, which he hath rebuilt and beautified, and is still improving; witness the Churches, the royal Courts, stately Halls, Magazines, Palaces, and other publick Structures; . . All of them so many Trophies of his Skill and Industry, and conducted with that Success, that if the whole Art of Building were lost, it might be recovered, and found again in St.

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