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By Thrangu Rinpoche, Michele Martin, Peter O\'Hearn

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E the mind's nature. The eighth verse was an instruction to relinquish attach ment to GROUND MAHAMUDRA 53 the wisdom arising from hearing and contemplation and ro go further into the actual practice of meditation. The ninth verse contains the instruction to give up attachment to what is defiled. As long as we have this attachment, we will not aspire toward anything beyond it. " Dung beetles, who live in the midst of excrement, think that this smell is really good; if they were to smell something like sandalwood, which we would normally regard as pleasant, they would be disgusted by it.

The instructions are that in meditation, we should be free of any wish to create or maintain any particular mental state. In the mahamudci tradition, the type of meditation in which we pursue the experience of trying to achieve a particular state of mind is known as rainbow meditation: we are pursuing something beautiful for the experience. The problem with this is that we are trying to bring about a certain positive experience. This involves conceptual contrivance and altering the mind-the very things that prevent us from experiencing mind's nature, which is not connived and cannot be altered or changed.

KARMA AS CAUSE AND EFFECT Third, when death comes, I will be helpless. Because I create karma, I must abandon negative actions And always devote myself to virtuous ones. Thinking this, every day I will examine my mind stream. IV. THE DEFECTS OF SAMSARA Fourth, the places, friends , comforts, and wealth of samsara Are the constant torment of the three sufferings, Just like a feast before the executioner leads one into death. Cutting desire and attachment, I must endeavor to attain enlightenment.

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