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By Jon R. Krohmer

The yank university of Emergency Physicians has created an important and entire first relief guide with remedies and strategies defined, step by step and illustrated with 1000's of images to teach tips to practice them appropriately. that includes very important life-saving methods, together with rescue respiring, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, remedy for a blocked airway, and different life-threatening occasions, the publication additionally presents particular anatomical info and gives remedies for individuals of any age in any scenario.

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These strips may be made from T-shirts, socks, or other garments. b. Place an improvised dressing (or cravat, if available) over the wad of padding (Figure 2-28). Wrap the ends tightly around the injured limb, covering the previously placed field dressing (Figure 2-29). Figure 2-28. Improvised dressing over wad of padding Figure 2-29. Ends of improvised dressing wrapped tightly around limb. c. Tie the ends together in a nonslip knot, directly over the wound site (Figure 2-30). DO NOT tie so tightly that it has a tourniquet-like effect.

Figure 2-21. Pulling dressing open. Figure 2-22. Placing dressing directly on wound. 1/AFMAN 44-163(I) c. Hold the dressing in place with one hand. Use the other hand to wrap one of the tails around the injured part, covering about one-half of the dressing (Figure 2-23). Leave enough of the tail for a knot. If the casualty is able, he may assist by holding the dressing in place. Figure 2-23. Wrapping tail of dressing around injured part. d. Wrap the other tail in the opposite direction until the remainder of the dressing is covered.

1) situation permits. (2) Move the casualty to cover, if cover is available and the Lay the casualty on his back. NOTE A casualty in shock from a chest wound or one who is experiencing breathing difficulty, may breathe easier in a sitting position. If this is the case, allow him to sit upright, but monitor carefully in case his condition worsens. (3) Elevate the casualty’s feet higher than the level of his heart. Use a stable object (field pack or rolled up clothing) so that his feet will not slip off (Figure 2-37).

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