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This model is called a segmentation model because it divides the arm into two segments, the upper arm and the forearm. Each segment is analyzed individually by summing up the forces and moments. The first situation that we are going to examine relates to a low blow parry being used to counter a high blow in Meyer. 60 Figure 25: Segmentation Model of an Arm Holding a Sword First, the forearm segment is dealt with. The forces are summed as the vertical component of the attack force, FAY, the weight of the blade and the weight of the forearm, which are all negative as these forces are directed vertically downward.

Following the Point back Whenever one's opponent withdraws the point, from any probe or attack, one should take the opportunity to follow the point back with your own point and try to strike an opening while the point is in reverse and not threatening. To avoid being followed, it is important to back away with the feet, not the sword. Always try to withdraw at the long point. Try not to pump your arms when presenting, disengaging, and retargetting. 2: Following under the Raised Blade Whenever your opponent takes the point off you, and yours is still in play, you have an opportunity to strike.

The attack principle is to glance off the opposing blade. The defense principle is to let the attack glance off your blade to the outside while you move to counter. (See Talhoffer, tafel5 and tafel 18, Sutor page 8 and Meyer page 11). Snippet from Goliath: Schielhau: Glancing through breaks slashes or stabs by changing through. Strike aside on your strong and plunge through while shooting to thrust at his throat. Glance through while turning your sword hand over in the thrust until it is above.

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