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By Dr. Andreas Kling, Prof. Fernando J. C. Baräo, Prof. Masayuki Nakagawa, Prof. Luis Távora, Prof. Pedro Vaz (eds.)

This ebook focusses at the state-of-the-art of Monte Carlo tools in radiation physics and particle shipping simulation and purposes, the latter regarding particularly, the use and improvement of electron--gamma, neutron--gamma and hadronic codes. along with the fundamental thought and the equipment hired, distinctive recognition is paid to set of rules improvement for modeling, and the research of experiments and measurements in various fields starting from particle to clinical physics.

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Read Online or Download Advanced Monte Carlo for Radiation Physics, Particle Transport Simulation and Applications: Proceedings of the Monte Carlo 2000 Conference, Lisbon, 23–26 October 2000 PDF

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A single code is more easily modernized and can take better advantage of computer science development. Improved structure to "compartmentalize" physics code packages will encourage model developers to test new physics and features in a transport code environment. One may hope that the MCNPX effort (MCNP + LAHET + new physics) will become "institutionalized" in the general framework of the ongoing MCNP program. E. Prael • a continuous "center of development"; • a widespread network of contributors; • a structure that accommodates imported code packages, physics or otherwise.

Observations and concerns • There are 2 divergent paths in the MC code development for radiation transport applications: o Creation of a "platform" (frame) linking different codes, including MCdeterministic mix, through an inter-code communication standard and very advanced visualisation routines. Examples: Hermes and GEANT o Developing of a single code covering very broad particle transport problems. Examples: FLUKA, MARS and MCNPX. o This diversity can stimulate and fertilize MC development but it still remains a question for MC community: IS IT THE BEST WAY TO GO IN THE XXI CENTURY o We believe that the community of MC code users should be carefully consulted!

33 GeV, power 5 MW. o KEK/ JAERI multipurpose facility requires a lot of design and "finetuning" work in the range of 50 GeV down to neutron scattering energies, stimulates development of M-C codes in Japan. The main parameters are: Proton energy - 3 GeV (out of 50 GeV designed for high energy/neutrino physics), power - 1-5 MW. • Accelerator-driven systems (including APT) o Already stimulated MCNPX, Fluka and MC-EA development o Stimulates further integration of HET with low energy N-G transport o Drives development of Monte-Carlo towards burnup codes (MC-AE, MCB) +hybrid code systems o Need better radiation damage codes Highlights of Hadronic Sessions 23 • Medical applications o Use so far existing M-C codes for design/development work, and non MC for treatment planning o Need dedicated, very fast codes with some specific features, however we doubt if really few-second performance is really necessary o Should definitely become a common project of hadron/medical MC community With some concern we have noticed on this conference some underrepresented major research activities of importance for Monte Carlo: • High Energy Physics, even if code developments address HEP needs (Fluka, GEANT, MCNPX, Mars, hadron event generator development) there was virtually no feedback from HEP community.

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