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By Fumio Demura, Dan Ivan

Written by means of Fumio Demura, one of many world's major professionals on jap guns, this advisor to complicated nunchaku covers adaptations of twirling and swinging, with separate education kata.

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Next comes a nervous one in heels and a long coat. The last is also casually dressed but talking into a cell phone. Now imagine you are a misogynistic street crook. Which one of the “yous” would you target first? List them in order of priority. There are a few key characteristics that make you vulnerable to attack: 1 Showing fear or being overtly nervous. 2 Looking lost, wearing restrictive clothing. 3 Not paying attention and displaying expensive treats such as minidisk players and cell phones.

6 THE BUTT. Yes, your ass is a weapon. It can be used to hit and strike, as you will learn later (see here). 7 THE KNEES. Very strong. Probably the strongest weapon on your lower body, for reasons similar to those for the elbow. Knees have lots of leverage and make excellent close-quarter weapons. Be careful not to hit with your kneecap, though. Use the area starting just above the kneecap to about a third of the way up your thigh. 8 THE FEET. They are tough, get stood on all day, and are usually covered in shoes, so make use of them.

Your limbs are excellent protectors of your center line, as they can be used to kick, jab, gouge, scratch, elbow, knee, bite, and head-butt. Always come back to your center line when not engaged in grabbing, blocking, or attacking. It’s a good habit. Finally, don’t just fall into a fighting stance at the drop of a hat. You’ll ruin the surprise for the attacker when you start to slap him silly, and that wouldn’t be fair. Maintain the element of surprise until the last possible instant. Use any means at your disposal to win.

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