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The subacute toxicity studies via the intravenous route which was proposed for human application have been performed using animals, in which rats were given γinterferon at a dosage of 10^ or 10^ U/kg per day for 4 weeks and monkeys received a dosage of 10^ or 10^ U/kg per day for 4 weeks, respectively. Drugrelated changes were not at all found in rats, because the interferon have minimal cross-species activity, and the neutralizing antibody against γinterferon was detected in all the rats during the study.

T h u s , we f e e l t h a t o n e way i n w h i c h b i d i r e c t i o n a l c o m m u n i c a ­ t i o n t a k e s p l a c e b e t w e e n t h e immune a n d n e u r o e n d o c r i n e s y s t e m s i s v i a s i g n a l m o l e c u l e s and r e c e p t o r s w h i c h a r e common t o c e l l s of b o t h s y s t e m s . PRO-OPIOMELANOCORTIN (POMC) PRODUCTION BY LEUKOCYTES S t i m u l a t e d l y m p h o c y t e s p r o d u c e m o l e c u l e s t h a t a r e v e r y s i m i l a r , if not i d e n t i ­ c a l , to the p e p t i d e hormones: c o r t i c o t r o p i n ( A C T H ) , e n d o r p h i n ( E N D ) , t h y r o t r o p i n ( T S H ) , human c h o r i o n i c Gonadotropin ( h C G ) , p r o l a c t i n ( P R L ) , a n d p o s s i b l y o t h e r s (Table 1 ) .

The list of substances that might influence the immune response is presented in Table 1. ) ypothalamic hormones somatostatin Corticotrophin Releasing hormone Neuroactive peptides Substance Ρ Neurotensin VIP Cholecystokinin Enkephalins Hormones Corticosteroids Insulin VrsfoSin°""°"^° Vasopressin aSrhorn^ones Oxytocin ACTH TSH Prolactin Growth hormone Endorphins Others Prostaglandins Histamine Bradykinin Bombesin Products of immune cells Interleukins TSH Thymosins VIP Lymphokines (MIP, CSP) Histamine Interferons Serotonin ACTH Prostaglandins )9-Endorphin Others ?

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