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By Alain Badiou

English-speaking readers could be stunned to benefit that Alain Badiou writes fiction and performs together with his philosophical works and they are only as vital to realizing his better highbrow undertaking. In Ahmed the thinker, Badiou's so much enjoyable and available play, translated into English right here for the 1st time, readers are brought to Badiou's philosophy via a theatrical journey de strength that has met with a lot luck in France.

Ahmed the thinker provides its comedian hero, the "treacherous servant" Ahmed, as a seductively trenchant thinker whilst it casts philosophy itself as a comic book functionality. The comedy unfolds as a sequence of classes, with every one "short play" or caricature illuminating a unique Badiousian idea. but Ahmed does greater than illustrate philosophical abstractions; he embodies and vivifies the theatrical and performative features of philosophy, mobilizing a comic book strength that exposes the vacancy and pomp of the realm. via his instance, the viewers is moved to a residing engagement with philosophy, learning in it the ability to wreck throughout the limits of daily life.

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Especially not nothing. Nothing knowing nothing? That’ll be the day! ” And then, me, Ahmed, I’d look like a sucker. If nothing can be a sucker. Does nothing suck? There’s a lollipop, but is there a nothing-pop?  . Ahmed’s improvisation on nothing and popping. Anyway, no doubt about it. Me, Ahmed, I didn’t know I was nothing and I would never have known it. If it hadn’t been for Moustache. 27 Ahmed the philosopher Albert Moustache. Moustache, he’s not nothing at all. He has a moustache. He’s a big hulk of a guy, Moustache.

I don’t know nothing anymore. Whatever. It’s only nothing that knows nothing. Anyway, the stick isn’t nothing. When nothing has a stick, it’s something. When they tell you you’re nothing, smack the proof with your stick. That’ll cool him down for good. Well, anyway, I’ve got to warm myself up. Ahmed improvises on the theme of warming things up; he induces a heat wave. Moustache is reconstituted; he stands up straight again. MOUSTACHE. Where am I? Who am I? Where am I going? Who am I going? Where was I heating?

I looked for you in every gross place you can think of! Looking for you, I was like a spider all wrapped up in its web!  . I inspected everything! You’ll pay for this! It’s not funny! AHMED. But there (pointing to the audience) and there (pointing backstage) aren’t the same theres! They’re in opposite directions! FENDA. Directions! You can really lead a woman astray with this business about directions. But me, I have my own personal sense of direction, a private one, like the camel that knows the stars!

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