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By George Berkeley

Alciphron, or the Minute thinker (1732) is Berkeley's major paintings of philosophical theology and an important resource of his perspectives on which means and language. This version comprises the 4 most vital dialogues and a variety of severe essays and commentaries reflecting the reaction of such writers as Hutcheson, Mill and Antony Flew. the single unmarried version presently in print, it argues that Alciphron has a extra very important position either within the Berkeley canon and in early glossy philosophy than is usually proposal.

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2. Alciphron. Thought is that which we are told distinguished man from beast; and freedom of thought makes as great a difference between man and man. It is to the noble assertors of this privilege and perfection of humankind, the free-thinkers I mean, who have sprung up and multiplied of late years, that we are indebted for all those important discoveries, that ocean of light, which hath broke in and made its way, in spite of slavery and superstition. Euphranor, who is a sincere enemy to both, testified a great esteem for those worthies who had preserved their country from being ruined by them, having spread so much light and knowledge over the land.

I should be loath to place a gentleman of merit in such a light, before prejudiced or ignorant men. The tenets of our philosophy have this in common with many other truths in metaphysics, geometry, astronomy, and natural philosophy, that vulgar ears cannot bear them. All our discoveries and notions are in themselves true and certain; but they are at present known only to the better sort, and would sound strange and odd among the vulgar. But this, it is to be hoped, will wear off with time. Euph.

Where doth he pick up all this improvement? Cri. Where our grave ancestors would never have looked for it—in a drawing room, a coffee-house, a chocolate-house, at the tavern, or groom-porter’s. In these and the like fashionable places of resort, it is the custom for polite persons to speak freely on all subjects, religious, moral, or political. So that a young gentleman who frequents them is in the way of hearing many instructive lectures, seasoned with wit and raillery, and uttered with spirit.

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