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By George Berkeley

Alciphron, or the Minute thinker (1732) is Berkeley's major paintings of philosophical theology and a very important resource of his perspectives on which means and language. This version includes the 4 most vital dialogues and a range of severe essays and commentaries reflecting the reaction of such writers as Hutcheson, Mill and Antony Flew. the one unmarried version presently in print, it argues that Alciphron has a extra very important position either within the Berkeley canon and in early sleek philosophy than is usually inspiration.

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Euph. You have granted already that reason is natural to mankind. Alc. I have. Euph. Whatever, therefore, is agreeable to reason is agreeable to the nature of man. Alc. It is. Euph. Will it not follow from hence that truth and virtue are natural to man? Alc. Whatever is reasonable I admit to be natural. Euph.

Euph. I could never have imagined your sect so considerable. Alc. There are in England many honest folk as much in the dark about these matters as yourselves. 12. To judge of the prevailing opinion among people of fashion, by what a senator saith in the house, a judge upon the bench, or a priest in the pulpit, who all speak according to law, that is, to the reverend prejudices of our forefathers, would be wrong. You should go into good company, and mind what men of parts and breeding say, those who are best heard and most admired, as well in public places of resort as in private visits.

42 THE FIRST DIALOGUE Euph. It should seem by this account that your sect extend their discoveries beyond religion; and that loyalty to his prince and reverence for the laws are but mean things in the eye of a minute philosopher. Lys. Very mean; we are too wise to think there is anything sacred either in king or constitution, or indeed in anything else. A man of sense may perhaps seem to pay an occasional regard to his prince; but this is no more at bottom than what he pays to God, when he kneels at the sacrament to qualify himself for an office.

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