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The 1st ever ibooks novel through the mythical Stan Lee, founder of wonder Comics and co-creator of Spider-Man and the X-Men! The German conflict computer rolls throughout Europe, crushing every thing in its course. the USA and her Allies have just recently entered the battle, yet is turns out each side are too flippantly matched. The warfare may perhaps drag on for years, may possibly move both way...until the day the saucer fell like an arrow from the heavens, bringing with it secrets and techniques of world-shattering end result. The Nazis are speedy to trap the spacecraft and its unearthly occupants; the Allies ship in a suicide squad, a bunch snidely often called 'Logan's Losers' - to both retrieve the extraterrestrial beings and their secrets...or wreck them. Russia, too, learns of the downed alien ship and sends their very own agent into the center of Germany. yet there's a traitor one of the Allied invasion strength, operating to deliver the Allies down from inside, and whilst Logan finally reaches his aim, it's a prisoner of the 3rd Reich, sentenced to die on the hand of an previous, implacable enemy.

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Marcel shot to his feet. A scythe. A pitchfork. Anything he could attack them with. But as he jumped up, he nearly collided with the angel. The angel pointed to the open window and the trees beyond. Marcel instantly understand. “No,” he said. “Please. ” The angel insistently pointed. Tears poured down Marcel’s cheeks. “I know you are from God,” he begged, “but don’t ask me—” The sensation of fingers in his hair returned, and once again the cross of Lorraine assembled itself on the angel’s breast.

He knew the magnitude of this discovery, but he hadn’t the faintest idea what to do about it. The creature outside was dead or nearly dead. If he’d only been able to communicate with it, to let it know the importance of this war in restoring the Aryan culture to its supreme position in history! ” “Shoot them,” he had said, then raised his arm. “No, don’t! qrk 8/16/01 2:58 PM Page 55 T H E A L I E N FA C T O R will take them back to the facility. There may be something they can tell us. ” With the smoke rising behind them, they then began their strange ride back to the cave.

He looked out. One soldier poked under the opposite table, while the second examined various tools and cans of nails on the shelf. He found a can of tobacco. It must have been the one Marcel’s father had searched for many months ago and accused Marcel of stealing. The soldier pointed to the barrel and tools concealing the space in which Marcel and the angel hid. He aimed his rifle as the second soldier moved cautiously to get a better look. They were caught, Marcel thought and he cringed closer to the angel, bumping his head on the table above.

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