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By Stefan Helmreich

Alien Ocean immerses readers in worlds being newly explored via marine biologists, worlds frequently out of sight and succeed in: the deep sea, the microscopic realm, and oceans past nationwide barriers. operating along scientists at sea and in labs in Monterey Bay, Hawai'i, the Woods gap Oceanographic establishment, and the Sargasso Sea and at undersea volcanoes within the jap Pacific, Stefan Helmreich charts how revolutions in genomics, bioinformatics, and distant sensing have pressed marine biologists to work out the ocean as lively by means of its smallest population: marine microbes. Thriving in astonishingly severe stipulations, such microbes became key figures in clinical and public debates concerning the foundation of lifestyles, weather swap, biotechnology, or even the potential for lifestyles on different worlds.

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Pete serves as the guiding gray matter. "zo Classical sociologies of relations between scientists and ship's crew comment upon the different expertise these parties have, on how class hierarchies are often reinforced through divisions between "mental" and "manual" labor. 21 Though there are mechanical aspects of managing Ventana scientists would be ill prepared to undertake, operations in the ROV control room put scientists and crew into tighter relations of interdependence than typify much sea science.

As a postdoc, Steven is being professionalized, and his story is infused with questions about the meaning of his career and the creatures to which he has devoted his work. The paper that Steven eventually publishes in Science, "Reverse Methanogenesis: Testing the Hypothesis with Environmental Genomics," begins by pointing out that "microbial methane consumption in anoxic sediments significantly impacts the global environment by reducing the flux of greenhouse gases from ocean to atmosphere"67 and, after arguing that a better characterization of microbial metabolism is on the way, leaves it at that, as well the paper might, since the study does not reach into methods and theory from climate science.

Pete means the wrist of Ventana's claw, not the pilot's closer-to-hand hand. The substitution is telling, a sign of presence transported. The ROV control system uses software similar to that of the Sony PlayStation, making joystick controls transparent to those, like younger ROV pilots, who have played first-person video games. In her sociological account of deep-sea research, Chandra Mukerji argues that with such familiar techniques, benthic environments "begin to become less natural environments than areas that have characteristics of both the natural world and the social world of science.

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