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Surely he couldn’t be worried that she would prove a rival to him? As good as Grace was — and she certainly showed some natural flair for attack — she just didn’t apply herself as consistently to swordplay as Connor. It was a shame, Cate thought. Why should the boys have all the glory for themselves? She must have another word with Grace and get her to take things a bit more seriously. Maybe a little one-on-one training with another of the women pirates — perhaps Johnna? — was the way forward. ” Connor asked.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that you and I engage in direct combat. Why, it would hardly be worth oiling this scimitar for such sport. ” Drakoulis’ dark eyes narrowed. ” Molucco frowned. He sought out Cate in the crowd. Connor held his breath. Was Captain Wrathe going to choose her for the duel? She must rank as one of the best fighters on the ship, certainly the most knowledgeable. But to risk losing her would be a terrible gamble. And, as her friend as well as her protégé, Connor felt a wave of dread at the thought.

A duel,” Drakoulis announced. ” Molucco flinched. It was no secret that his best fighting years were behind him. He was still a force to be reckoned with, but he had long since delegated the key combat to the younger members of his crew. Connor looked from Molucco Wrathe to Narcisos Drakoulis. In the stark white sunlight, the contrast was all too obvious. Captain Wrathe appeared overweight and overindulged while, beneath his tight black vestments, Narcisos Drakoulis was lean and hard and primed for the fight.

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