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A whole source full of historical past details, Cross-Curricular actions and video games, Library and web hyperlinks, paintings initiatives, & a Play comprises Poster-Map!Bring the wealthy tradition of historical Greece into your lecture room (and stimulate scholar studying) with attractive actions and video games that contain enjoyable and significant pondering! scholars develop into specialists on historical Greece as they play a polis process video game, argue a case in an Athenian trial, map out historical websites alongside the Aegean coast, enact a scene from Antigone, try-on Golden Age models, and masses extra! Plus a full-color map of historical Greece.

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You cannot disrespect the gods, for the great words of a boastful person will be repaid with great blows. And this, as one grows old, teaches judgement. THE END 54 Making Masks h Greek drama relied on few props, but all characters wore costumes. In ancient Greece, actors covered their head and face with masks that were often quite elaborate. For this production, your students can create and use handheld masks. MATERIALS sturdy white paper tape scissors colored markers rulers or sticks about one foot long [For each character in the play you will need one wooden ruler or stick and one piece of sturdy white paper.

4 Before battle, a soldier would probably have prayed to . 5 Farmers at harvest time would have prayed to . 6 Orphans and homeless children prayed to for help. 7 Philosophers prayed to for wisdom. 8 Blacksmiths prayed to for greater skill. 9 Hunters who killed more than they could eat were believed to be punished by . 10 Zeus and Hades are related to each other as . Bonus question and the parents of many Olympian gods. were Titans and were Answer Box Athena Cronus and Rhea Aphrodite Demeter Poseidon Artemis Hera Hestia Hephaestus Ares 39 Gods and Goddesses Flash Cards 40 (zoos) (HEER-uh) (poh-SY-duhn) Poseidon Hera Ancient Greece © Sean Stewart Price, Scholastic Teaching Resources Zeus Cut along the dotted lines ( ).

However, very little is known about this “green” Wonder, including when or how it was destroyed. ____ 3. C. by Croesus, king of Lydia, this was one of the biggest and most complicated temples ever made. It was constructed in a Greek city in what is today western Turkey. , the temple burned down, but it was quickly rebuilt. D. 262. ) ____ 4. This was the most famous statue in the ancient world. , the 40-foot statue showed the chief Greek god sitting on a huge throne. His clothes were made of gold and his flesh of ivory.

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