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By Kyle West

Within the 12 months 2030, the meteor Ragnarok impacted Earth, rending the area a barren region. Billions died, the sky went red, and the realm entered an ice age from which it's going to no longer emerge for centuries.

By 2060, what's left of the us exists underground within the Bunkers. the place as soon as there have been one hundred forty four, now merely 4 are left - fallen for purposes of hunger, uprising, or worse. For within the wake of Ragnarok are new and sinister threats, threats which don't but have a name...

Born into this post-apocalyptic international is sixteen-year-old Alex Keener, who has lived his whole lifestyles underground in U.S. Bunker 108. but if a stranger is enable into the Bunker from the wastes, in defiance of protocol, all hell breaks loose...and Alex's lifestyles will not be similar again

Apocalypse is the 1st e-book in seven half sequence. the following books, Origins and Evolution, are already released. publication 4, Revelation, might be out 9/30/2013.

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The last thing he wanted was to attract any undue attention. He found that was the best way to get along in the skyscrapers. Keep under the radar. Still he couldn’t help thinking it was a bit of a shame. Maybe if she smiled a bit she’d be pretty, he thought. As he watched, she settled on the ledge and propped her gun next to her then fumbled in the pocket of her unbuttoned shirt. Dave could only wonder at the change that had overcome the soldiers during the course of the siege. The rumpled khakis and sweat-stained singlets on display now were a world away from the immaculately pressed and polished uniforms that had ferried him from his flat in Brunswick.

They’re coming. This could be the last opportunity we have to set things right… Stirring both dread and hope in equal amounts. Maybe there is still a chance to make things right? The idea was also difficult to accept. Everything around him seemed so bleak that he was very wary of letting hope creep in. Or maybe I am just bonkers and Monty and his warnings are just something I dredged up from my subconscious to make myself feel better… Strangely Dave found himself hoping Monty would reappear. Just a short time ago he would’ve sworn that would be something he’d never longed for but now he thought it would help immensely.

Two visits in one day, Monty. People will talk,’ he called as the split screen of Naomi disappeared from his mind. The one with her smiling so sweet and seductively on the left while on the right her brow furrowed and her jaw clenched. The book ends of their relationships. The very first morning when he’d woken from the pub night with her still beside him in bed and the very last night when she screamed at him that he was a poisonous person. It was almost like she’d known. ’ Monty’s voice was as serious as death as Dave leaned on the ledge and sucked in another mouthful of cigarette smoke.

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