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Such a condition would occur when the last data operation gave a result which was negative. That is, the N flag reflects the state of bit 31 of the result. ) PL Plus This is the opposite to the MI condition and instructions with the PL condition will only execute if the N flag is cleared. The next four conditions are often used after comparisons of two unsigned numbers. If the numbers being compared are n1 and n2, the conditions are n1>=n2, n1n2 and n1<=n2, in the order presented. CS Carry set This condition is true if the result flag C (carry) is set.

It is the versatile form that the right hand side may take which gives much of the power to these instructions. If the is a simple register number, we obtain instructions such as the first ADD example above. In this case, the contents of R1 and R2 are added (as signed, 32-bit numbers) and the result stored in R0. As there is no condition after the instruction, the ADD instruction will always be executed. Also, because there was no S, the result flags would not be affected. The three examples below all perform the same ADD operation (if the condition is true): ADDNE R0, R0, R2 ADDS R0, R0, R2 ADDNES R0, R0, R2 They all add R2 to R0.

The important thing to bear in mind when dealing with the PC has already been mentioned once or twice: the effect of pipelining. The value obtained when R15 is used as an operand is 8 bytes, or 2 words, greater than the address of the current instruction. Thus if the instruction MOV R0,R15 was located at address &8000, then the value loaded into R15 would be &8008. Chapters Five and Six contain several examples of the use of R15 where pipelining is taken into account. Group One A There is a small class of instructions which is similar in form to the group one instructions, but doesn't belong in that group.

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