Download ASP.NET 4. 0 in VB 2010 by Matthew MacDonald; Mario Szpuszta; Vidya Vrat Agarwal PDF

By Matthew MacDonald; Mario Szpuszta; Vidya Vrat Agarwal

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Microsoft’s home windows Presentation beginning (WPF) presents the basis for construction functions and top of the range consumer reviews for the home windows working process. It blends the appliance consumer interface, files, and media content material, whereas exploiting the complete strength of your computer’s working procedure.

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NET web controls that render Silverlight content. NET and the rich interactivity of client-side Silverlight. In Chapter 34, you’ll get a thorough introduction to Silverlight. Or, for a comprehensive look that covers all the features of Silverlight consider Pro Silverlight 4 in C# (Apress, 2010). NET Framework. NET programmer. NET 4 offers. NET Framework. NET, you have several choices for developing web applications. If you’re inclined (and don’t mind the work), you can code every web page and class by hand using a bare-bones text editor.

Better deployment tools: Visual Studio now allows you to create web packages, compressed files that contain your application content and other details such as SQL Server database schemas and IIS settings. config transformation feature that allows you to cleanly separate the settings that apply to the test build of your application and the ones that apply to the deployed instance. Finally, you can load and precompile a newly deployed application more easily with the IIS application warm-up module.

NET is to post the page back to the server and get an entirely new HTML document. The solution works, but it isn’t seamless. Restless web developers have responded to challenges like these by using more client-side code and applying it in more advanced ways. One of the most talked about examples today is Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). Ajax is programming shorthand for a client-side technique that allows your page to call the server and update its content without triggering a complete postback.

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