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More investigation is needed to determine if in fact there are significant discrepancies in the momentum budget or if the dissipation technique may not be applied to the possibly unique equatorial mixed layer because (for example) the radiation of internal gravity waves becomes a significant part of the turbulent kinetic energy budget. ) Surface Waves and Stokes Drift Mailer and Garwood (1988) summarized: Surface waves are an integral part of mixed layer dynamics. It is generally believed that most of the atmospheric momentum and mechanical flux is first absorbed by the surface wave field.

Because potential risks are principally evaluated through OSRA modeling, the ESP has used physical oceanographic information primarily to support the OSRA model and to prepare associated EISs. Because results of ESP studies are used by MMS's Branch of Environmental Modeling (BEM) and by producers of EISs (the four regional offices of the Branch of Environmental Evaluation (BEE) among others), some discussion, conclusions, and recommendations pertain to those entities as well as to the ESP. The interrelationships between BES (the coordinator of the ESP), BEM, and BEE are shown in Figure 4.

This report focuses primarily on the prediction of exchange of passive materials; it is likely, however, that other processes are also important. The OSRA model deals with a point patch (a material particle only) and does not resolve mixing processes or, given the lack of small-scale detail, much of the stirring process either. Different realizations of the random aspects of the movement of oil spills come only from wind drift variability, not from the oceanic currents. , vertical shear dispersion).

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