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Getafix has damaged his golden sickle, so Asterix and Obelix stopover at Lutetia to shop for a brand new one for him. however the sicklesmith—a cousin of Obelix—has vanished with no hint. the place may he have long past? and will Asterix clear up the secret and convey Getafix what he wishes?

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1 A NEW CATEGORY One part of this marginal comics production has been labeled and in some sense officially recognized as a category, if not a genre, by the appearance in 2009 of the anthology Abstract Comics published by Fantagraphics and edited by Andrei Molotiu. What exactly are abstract comics? Molotiu distinguishes two types: either sequences of abstract drawings, or sequences of drawings that contain figurative elements, the juxtaposition of which does not produce a coherent narrative. His anthology offers many more examples of the first case than of the second.

I concur, then, on this point, with the ranks of theorists (the majority) who, like Aron Kibedi Varga,7 feel that a single image can evoke a story, but that this does not mean that it tells one. ”8 The exception to the rule occurs when the single image encompasses several different scenes, that is to say that it plays on juxtaposition within its own space. This is the case of the “narrative images” of which François Garnier has tracked down many occurrences in medieval iconography: The narrative image consists of a set of elements and relationships that present an incident or tell a story.

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