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You’re dead meat, aaaaah! 19 18 Rising Dragon Fist: This is read as “shōryū-ken” in Japanese (and written as “昇龍拳” in Japanese kanji and “升龙拳” in simplified Chinese) and is a really famous move belonging to Ryu from the fighting game series, Street Fighter. The move is a one-hit blow that can only be executed successfully if the enemy is airborne. 19 Swaying Sword… Self-Defense: The techniques that Prince is using are a mix of famous techniques from Chinese novels, fighting game moves, normal moves and nonsense.

I’m going to properly research, so as to develop more moves and become a genuine Chun Li. 36 Prince Revolution! org/ My brother stared at me in disbelief. He watched as I really took out the PS13 and started playing, muttering, “Odd… When did Sis start to like fighting games? ” After experimenting for over two hours as “Chun Li”, I confidently returned to Second Life, planning to begin leveling up like mad. Heh heh, just you wait, you stupid brother. I’ll outlevel you soon and we’ll see if you still dare to laugh at me!

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