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By Letterio Guglielmo, Adrianna Ianora, M.G. Mazzocchi, G. Zagami, L. Guglielmo, N. Crescenti, J. Hure

The Antarctic represents the final of the world's nonetheless unexplored continents. in view that 1985, Italy has despatched 9 expeditions to this area, making it some of the most scientifically energetic countries within the Antarctic. Italy has outfitted an everlasting base there and has began a scientific number of info and samples on the way to give a contribution to our knowing of this ordinary and intensely attention-grabbing continent. inside this framework, Italy has additionally performed study in a sub-Antarctic quarter of serious clinical curiosity, the Straits of Magellan. This sector, with its attribute oceanography and biota, represents a transition aspect among the faunal assemblages of temperate and antarctic seas. This atlas at the zooplankton is a vital contribution to the learn of the faunal assemblages of the quarter of the Straits and should expectantly be via others. The initiative is a part of an unlimited application introduced by way of the Italian Ministry of Universities and medical and Technological study to advertise the exploration of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic seas, the purpose of that is to maintain one of many Earth's biggest and such a lot undisturbed usual laboratories.

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68-70. 59mm (9 specimens) Female. Large species, easily recognized for its prolonged forehead ending with a sharp spine. Rostrum bearing two long, fine filaments. Postero-Iateral comers of last thoracic somite rounded. Al exceeds caudal rami by about 2 segments. Proportional lengths of cephalothorax and abdomen 68: 32; proportional lengths of abdominal somites and furca 42: 15: 12: 12: 19 = 100. In dorsal view, posterior margins of abdominal somites bordered by small spinules. At light microscope, ventral surface of genital somite fringed with row of small denticles on either side of genital aperture.

1A-G. Metridia lucens. Female: A whole animal dorsal view; B whole animal lateral view; C, D, E P5 showing variations in number of joints and spines on outer margins. Male: F whole animal dorsal view; G P5 Fig. 2A-E. Metridia lucens. Female: A whole animal dorsal view; B whole animal lateral view; C, D, E variations in the number of joints in the P5. Bars: A, B 500 ~m; C, D, E 50 ~m Fig. 3A-F. Metridia lucens. Male: A whole animal dorsal view; B forehead with rostral filaments; Cleft postero-Iateral corner of last thoracic somite; D, E P5 with reversed rami; F detail of denticles on spiniform process of P5 (arrow in E).

1903: p. 113, pI. 77 - Brodskii, 1950: p. 294, Process denticulated distally along inner fig. 200 - Ramirez, 1969: pI. 68, pI. 12 figs. margin. Distal joint of right leg. larger than 84,86, 87, 89. corresponding joint of left leg. Left P5 with Paracalanus hibemicus Brady and Robertson, 2nd joint bearing thick bundle of hairs on 1873: p. 126, pI. 8 figs. 1-3. Metridia hibemica Giesbrecht, 1892: pp. 61, distal inner margin; 3rd joint with rather long spine and round, lamellar process. Fourth 341, pI.

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