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Книга Бализонг - железная бабочка Бализонг - железная бабочкаКниги Боевое искусство Автор: karate Формат: pdf Страниц: a hundred Размер: 25,38 mb Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Редкая и давно не переиздаваемая книга, посвященнаяискусству владения бализонгом - раскладным филлипинским ножом, широко применяым в кали, арнизе, эскриме и других боевых искусствах Юго-Восточной Азии. Будет интересна каждому, кто серьезно интересуется ножевым боем и защитой от вооруженного нападения.

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Whatever the method used for toughening his anatomical weapons, the trainee should ensure that it is a sensible one; it must not inflict damage that will deform and disable him. TOUGHENING ANATOMICAL WEAPONS: HANDS AND FEET 69 how to train 70 TOUGHENING ANATOMICAL WEAPONS: ARMS how to train It is a time-honored custom for all exponents of Chinese hand-to-hand systems, regardless of the purpose of the systems, to use special medicines after every training session. The composition of these medicines varies with each master-teacher who concocts them and directs their use; all formulae for these medicines are considered secret, to be divulged only to those trainees whom the master most trusts and respects.

Stand fully balanced on the right leg, right foot flat on the ground. Raise the left leg, bent at the knee, and place the sole of the left foot on the right inner thigh just above the knee. Extend both arms, the right hand raised high overhead, palm open and facing the side, and the left arm brought well back to the left rear corner, hand held in a beak-hand (A). BALANCING STANCE elements of training Change to a right stance by leaping forward off the "platform" right leg to deliver a forward snap-kick with the left foot to groin level, using the instep as a striking surface.

4. Kick forward by extending the lower leg, raising the thigh to do so; the trajectory of the kick is a rising arc to your front. As you kick, deliver a left forward thrust-punch; withdraw your right fist to a position alongside your body, knuckles down, at chest level (C). 5. Use the instep or the upper portion of the toes as a striking surface, and use the base knuckles of the first two fingers of the left hand as a striking surface. 6. Kick up under the enemy's groin or chin, and punch at his solar plexus or face.

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