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By Philip Fitzpatrick

It's with regards to the time whilst Papua and New Guinea territories will achieve independence from Australian rule and and a tender police cadet, kiap, Philip Fitzpatrick studies a area in transition. it truly is an environment he interprets to this compelling account of the interval he served as a patrol officer in Papua New Guinea.

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Tell Imbum I want to see Fiamnok,’ I told the clerk as I entered the office. He looked uneasy, dropped the weather report he had been coding and pursed his lips. ’ I asked, trying to control the menace in my voice. ’ ‘I want to order some food and supplies for this afternoon’s plane. ’ ‘Yes, sir,’ the clerk replied; ‘Burns Philp are very good. Mr. Johnson usually ordered his groceries in the morning’. ‘Good,’ I said. ’ Imbum and Fiamnok crept so quietly into the office that I did not notice them until I looked up.

I’ll show you to your room,’ the priest said. ’ Bert added.

Imbum jumped in front of him. ‘His name is Lorop,’ he said in an exasperated tone. ’ I stared at the little man and thought, ‘you little beauty’. Imbum jumped around some more and Lorop looked confused. Then he took the initiative, pulled a stick of sugar cane from one of the women’s bilums, strode up to me and, after handing the cane over, stamped his feet together and threw me a lopsided salute. 42 Bamahuta I was wondering who had taught him to salute just as Fiamnok came along the track followed by a bevy of laughing children.

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