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By Robert Lair (auth.)

Starting Silverlight three: From amateur to expert through Robert Lair. Apress,2009

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Layout management involves describing the way that these objects are arranged in your application. Silverlight 3 includes five layout management controls: Canvas, StackPanel, Grid, WrapPanel, and DockPanel. You will take a look at each of these in-depth. By the end of this chapter, you should have a good understanding of when to use which layout control. Layout Management Silverlight provides a very flexible layout management system that lets you specify how controls will appear in your Silverlight application.

Figure 3-11. Nested StackPanel controls 5. Run the application to see the results. As you can see from these two exercises, the StackPanel control is a very useful layout option, and you will probably use it often in your Silverlight applications. By nesting Silverlight controls, you have a lot of flexibility when designing your applications. However, in the event that you want more control of the positioning of items in your application, without needing to resort to the absolute positioning used by the Canvas control, the Grid control may be just the layout option you need.

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