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We can hardly express ourselves without it. Our very thoughts can either be brought forth, or not, depending upon whether we have sufficient verbiage with which to attain this end. If the pen is mightier than the sword because it can determine the direction in which this weapon is aimed, then words are even mightier than the pen, for without the former, the latter is useless. Which words have we lost? Which have been thrust down our throats by the forces of socialism, statist feminism, and political correctness?

Since she is a mainstream politician, she will likely arrive at the wrong answers for its cause and adopt fascistic solutions for its cure. Worse, this initiative will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, and thus exacerbate the very poverty she is supposedly fighting. In 1776, Adam Smith wrote An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. The governor might do worse than cancel her meetings and read this book instead. Smith said that those countries that rely mainly on the free enterprise system of private property rights and the rule of law prosper, while those that do not are consigned to a life of grinding poverty.

No. We take cognizance of them because of the danger to women’s sports posed by allowing Annika Sorenstam to compete with men. If we are logically consistent and allow the genders to play against each other in such environments, there will be (virtually) no athletic contests where girls and women will have any chance of victory. In boxing and other martial arts, there are commonly weight divisions. This doesn’t mean that a pugilist weighing 120 pounds can never triumph over someone at the 190 pound level.

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