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By Susan Jeffers

The Earth doesn't belong to us. We belong to the Earth. the good American Indian leader Seattle spoke those phrases over 100 years in the past. His remarkably appropriate message of admire for the Earth and each creature on it has continued the attempt of time and is imbued with ardour born of affection of the land and the surroundings. Illustrated by means of award-winning artist Susan Jeffers, the stirring pen-and-color drawings convey a wide range of local american citizens to existence whereas taking pictures the elegance of nature and the land. young children and fogeys alike will benefit from the undying, poignant message offered during this fantastically illustrated photograph book.

"Together, Seattle's phrases and Jeffers's photographs create a strong message; this considerate ebook merits to be reflected and adored via all." (Publishers Weekly )

Illustrated by means of Susan Jeffers.

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