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3 Windows Post-Installation In your Start... 6 group that lists five things: • IDLE (Python GUI) • Module Docs • Python (command line) • Python Manuals • Uninstall Python Important: Testing If you select the Python (command line) menu item, you’ll see the ‘Python (command line)’ window. This will contain something like the following. 1500 32 bit (Intel)] on win32 Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information. >>> ^Z If you hit Ctrl-Z and then Enter , Python will exit. The basic Python program works.

1. Pre-installation: make backups and download the installation kit. 2. Installation: install Python. 3. Post-installation: check to be sure everything worked. We’ll go through each of these in detail. 1 Windows Pre-Installation Backup. Before installing software, back up your computer. org/). Products like these will create a CD that you can use to reconstruct the operating system on your PC in case something goes wrong. It is difficult to undo an installation in Windows, and get your computer back the way it was before you started.

It is not, typically, provided automatically. You’ll need this to make use of the IDLE program used extensively in later chapters. In some cases, you will also want a packaged called the “Python Development Tools”. This includes some parts that are used by Python add-on packages. 3 RPM Installation Many variants of GNU/Linux use the Red Hat Package Manager (RPM). The rpm tool automates the installation of software and the important dependencies among software components. If you don’t know whether on not your GNU/Linux uses the Red Hat Package manager, you’ll have to find a GNU/Linux expert to help you make that determination.

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