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Recreating the American Republic: Rules of Apportionment, Constitutional Change, and American Political Development, 1700-1870

Ideas of apportionment are very important components of each social, political, and criminal order. In marriages and households, in company partnerships and social businesses, and in governments and supranational relationships, ideas of apportionment have an effect on not just how collective judgements are made and by way of whom, but additionally how and why a selected constitutional order develops over the years.

Tabloid Terror: War, Culture and Geopolitics

This book analyzes the equipment, results, and mechanisms during which diplomacy succeed in the USA citizen. Deftly dissecting the interrelationships of nationwide identification formation, company ‘news and opinion’ dissemination, and the quasi-academic gear of warfare justification - targeting the Bush administration's exploitation of the terror and lack of confidence because of Sep 11 and the way this has manifested itself within the US media (especially the tabloid populist media).

World in Transition: New Structures for Global Environmental Policy

Overseas associations and constructions are the most important to the administration of the worldwide surroundings. the current preparations are failing to manage thoroughly with the size of the duty and the calls for put on them, and possible choices are urgently wanted. during this moment quantity of worldwide in Transition, specialists within the German Advisory Council on international switch (WGBU) examine the issues and set out entire and persuasive regulations for a winning destiny regime.

Cultural Politics in Fifteenth-Century England: The Case of Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester (Brill's Studies in Intellectual History)

This quantity is an research of the advance of cultural politics in Lancastrian England. It focusses on Duke Humphrey of Gloucester, brother of Henry V and Protector of britain in the course of Henry VI's minority. Humphrey's highbrow task conformed itself to the Duke's personal place within the nation: the e-book explores Humphrey's fee of biographies, translations of Latin texts, political pamphlets and poems, in addition to his number of manuscripts got either in England and from Italian humanists.

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That he was able to do so without sense of paradox owed something at least to Michels, Weber's interest in bureaucracy certainly pre-dated the publication of Michels's Political Parties. ' But he knew Michels well, and they attended the same conferences and informal gatherings . In Michels's work he had a clear link, through Mosca, to the ninteenthcentury setting of the problem of the relation between bureaucracy and democracy, and, at the same time, an example of the attempt to treat the issue in a neutral and scientific way.

They are cultured (geistig), social beings, whose activity has a function within a cultural whole. '16 :::n the light ofthis, he added, socialists were on sound ground when they complained of 'bourgeois justice'. One of the clearest statements of the cultural limitations of administrative rationality is contained in the work of Reinhard Bendix. > In his Higher Civil Servants in American Society (1949) he argues against the belief that it is possible to adhere to a rule without the intrusion of general social and political values.

Officials are appointed on the basis of a contract. They are selected on the basis of a professional qualification, ideally substantiated by a diploma gained through examination. They have a money salary, and usually pension rights. The salary is graded according to position in the hierarchy. The officialcan always leave the post, andunder certain circumstances it may also be terminated. The official's post is his sole or major occupation. Max Weber: the limits on bureaucracy/45 8 9 10 There is a career structure, and promotion is possible either by seniority or merit, and according to the judgement of superiors.

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