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The Social Origins of Christian Architecture, Vol. I: Building God's House in the Roman World: Architectural Adaptation Among Pagans, Jews, and Christians

[White's] really apt combination of archaeological continues to be, textual facts, spiritual philosophies, and Roman social heritage. .. An enthusiastic, well-written presentation measured with erudition and sound examine. --Classical international.

Nazi-Deutsch Nazi German: An English Lexicon of the Language of the Third Reich

Created and used as an tool of coercion and indoctrination, the Nazi language, Nazi-Deutsch, finds how the Nazis governed Germany and German-occupied Europe, fought international battle II, and dedicated mass homicide and genocide, using language to encode and euphemize those activities. Written by way of students focusing on socio-linguistic and historic problems with the Nazi interval, this e-book presents a distinct, vast, meticulously researched dictionary of the language of the 3rd Reich.

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