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Hsing-I, chinese language Mind-Body Boxing is a seminal paintings within the box of chinese language martial arts. It used to be one of many first actual courses in English approximately those little identified arts, and is still a vintage. It covers the entire most vital elements of studying this historic boxing technique, together with the background, the philosophy, the educational units and the two-person scuffling with concepts. First released in 1974, this publication has been wanted through creditors ever seeing that.

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Turn your right toes rightward as far as they will go, raising the sole in the direction toward which you are turning. Use left p'i, and stop as your right foot goes forward as far as it can and is put down at 45°. Next, as you take a full step forward with your left foot, strike forward with your right fist and retract your left fist under it to your left side. At the same time your right foot follow-steps a half step behind your left foot. Thus, the orthodox follow-step in p'i is quite different from Yuan's.

Moreover, a strike at his middle meets his arms at their ends — the hands—their most vulnerable points. Finally, before jumping in, because the English terms are somewhat ambiguous, the reader is asked to memorize the Chinese names of the five forms. THE HEART OF THE MATTER S3 1. SPLITTING (P'I-CH'UAN) P'i belongs to metal of the Five Elements and lets the ch'i rise and fall as though one were chopping something with an axe. You are in san-t'i. With your left hand and leg forward, lower your left hand to your navel, twist it upward to your mouth, and then continue twisting forward and gradually clenching it, until, palm up, it is on a line with your left foot not higher than your eyes or lower than your mouth.

Among its actions 64 THE TWELVE STYLES it employs a shooting palm (figure 20) and p'ao (figure '21) as well as tsuan and others. 8. Swallow is also lively and invigorating and uses p'i and the Chicken posture. 9. Snake stresses elasticity, diagonal movements, and shooting palms, all from a crouching posture. 10. Dove uses much rising and falling movement and a cross THE TWELVE STYLES 6'5 20-21 22—23 24-27 arm block that continues into a two fist (palms up) attack, finally 28—29 "folding" into elbow strikes.

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