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By Alejandro Chaoul, Yongdzin Lopon Tenzi Namdak, Tenzin Wangyal

This publication is the 1st to track the background of Chod perform in Tibet's indigenous Bon culture. Chod (cutting via) is a meditative perform during which the practitioner imagines delivering his or her physique in sacrifice via problematic contemplative visualization. even supposing a meditative perform, Chod isn't really performed sitting with ease on a cushion in a shrine room, yet as an alternative is frequently practiced in terrifying locations like cemeteries or charnal grounds. the sentiments of worry that consequence are utilized by the Chod practitioner to chop via his or her personal ego. Chod comprises parts of early shamanism, of sutric and tantric teachings additionally present in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, and of the Tibetan maximum institution of Dzogchen.

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Chasing after everything else will keep you busy, but no real inner change or transformation will arise from your spiritual practice. It's like the popular game show I saw on German TV: lots of colorful balls keep popping up from a hole, and players with sticks in their hands try to hit the balls as soon as they arise. The more balls you hit, the more points you win. Our meditation is sometimes 15 INTRODUCTION like that: we sit and wait for our so-called obstacles-attachment, desire, hatred, jealousy-to pop up.

We could simply never meet with the teachings, or we could meet with them and not connect. A buddha is a genuinely enlightened being who manifests to benefit sentient beings. In this world system it is said that 1,022 buddhas will be born. Not all buddhas will arise in the same form, dress in the same uniform, teach or sit in the same way, or speak the same language. To expect that they would is to solidify the notion of what an enlightened buddha is. Buddhas arise in the forms that will best benefit sentient beings.

We need only recognize that the nature of mind is inherently and truly free from grasping. This alone brings freedom from illusions. Anything else provides fertile ground for the production of karma: when mind shifts from awareness to nonawareness, limitless karmic seeds grow in that ground and come to fruition, and the cycle of suffering continues. These Instructions Are Being Given to You As Buddhist practitioners, we're following the example ofShakyamuni Buddha. When the Buddha first attained enlightenment, the first thing he taught was the nature of absolute truth, the fundamental true nature of mind.

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