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By Fritz Allhoff (series editor), Scott F. Parker (volume editor), Michael W. Austin (volume editor)

Supplying philosophical insights into the preferred morning brew, Coffee — Philosophy for Everyone kick begins the day with an exciting yet serious dialogue of the ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, and tradition of coffee.

• Matt Lounsbury of pioneering enterprise Stumptown espresso discusses simply how strong espresso can be
• Caffeine-related chapters conceal the ethics of the espresso alternate, the metaphysics of espresso and the centrality of the espresso residence to the general public sphere
• incorporates a foreword by way of Donald Schoenholt, President at Gillies espresso corporation

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It is important to note, as Lewis does, that gaining the ability to gain information is not the same thing as actually gaining information. Consider this example: Learning how to use Google to find a website is not the same thing as actually finding a website. Similarly, by appealing to this hypothesis we can gain new information about the coffee experiences that we’ve already had. Of course, you are in a position that is exactly the opposite of Mary’s; you just need the book knowledge in order to use the abilities you already possess!

5 Jackson is not alone in his sentiment that Mary learns something new; most philosophers admit to having this intuition. But physicalists, those philosophers who maintain that everything there is must be physical, have deployed a number of attempts to explain, in purely physical terms, what it is that Mary learns. Remember that it looks like she learns something non-physical, since she already knows all the physical facts about color vision. One notable suggestion, put forth by philosopher David Lewis,6 is that what Mary learns is not a new fact, but rather a new ability.

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