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By Ivan T. Todorov

Those notes arose from a sequence of lectures first provided on the Scuola Interna zionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati and the foreign Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste in July 1980 after which, in a longer shape, on the Universities of Sofia (1980-81) and Bielefeld (1981). Their aim has been two-fold. First, to introduce theorists with a few heritage in team representations to the concept of twistors with an emphasis on their conformal homes; a quick consultant to the literature at the topic is designed to compensate partly for the imcompleteness and the one-sidedness of our evaluate. Secondly, we current a scientific learn of po sitive power conformal orbits by way of twistor flag manifolds. they're interpre ted as cl assi ca 1 part areas of "conformal parti cl es"; a characteri sti c estate of such debris is the dilation invariance in their mass spectrum which, there fore, is composed both of the purpose 0 or of the countless period 222 o

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The standard evaluation of Poisson brackets requires the introduction of independent local coordinates on F~. Each choice of such coordinates, however, would destroy the manifest conformal symmetry of the formalism. We shall proceed in an alternative way, by first constructing the conformal group generators Jab which give rise to a complete set of observables (and whose Poisson brackets are determined by the structure constants of the conformal Lie algebra). We start by writing down the Liouville operators LJ ab which are equal to minus the infinitesimal operators of the representation of SU(2,2), acting on functions of 1; and ~.

39) plays the role of particle momentum. Since <0 in both T+ and T_, energy ~ositivity implies pyO <0. We shall choose in what follows p >0, identifying the classical phase space of a positive energy spinless "conformal particle" with the backward tube T_ ( F;-). I~I. ] The term "conformal particle" indicates that the (positive) value of the mass operator _p2 is not fixed. A constraint of the type p2 +m2 =0 is only conformal invariant for m =0. ] The description of a free massive particle (with fixed mass m>0) requires breaking the conformal symmetry to its Poincare subgroup.

If we also wish to identify the (real) parameter s with the spin of the particle (and hence set s >0) then we are led to study the orbit F~,2 (for which yO <0) with p >0. 48) will then be identified wi-th a factor space of the ll-dimensional spin shell M+ s ~ = 2~y~ -~ = -2s} = {(~) z,~ ET _xC 2 ,I;I; (3 . 0. 53) = 0 = ik . 53) use the summation formula . 55b) 39 1 0 0 0 dx ip iTpo{p+k) (p+k) If dp -1 0 -ip {p+k)o~n (p+k)4 0 ip {E+k)o~n (P+k)4 0 2'lPP 2 p+k(p+k)4 dif 0 -ip iT~O(~+K) (P+k)4 . 56) Q (the superscript to the left of Q standing, as usual, for transposition).

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