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By Daniel Revuz, Marc Yor

From the studies: "This is an impressive publication! Its objective is to explain in massive element numerous strategies utilized by probabilists within the research of difficulties referring to Brownian movement. the nice energy of Revuz and Yor is the big number of calculations performed either ordinarily textual content and in addition (by implication) within the workouts. ...This is THE publication for a able graduate pupil beginning out on study in likelihood: the influence of operating via it's as though the authors are sitting beside one, enthusiastically explaining the speculation, offering extra advancements as workouts, and throwing out hard feedback approximately components watching for additional research..." Bull.L.M.S. 24,4 (1992). because the first variation in 1990, a powerful number of advances were made on the subject of the fabric present in this ebook. This exhibits how very alive the stories of, and round, Brownian movement are.

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Denote this limit by (4) AH Af - ~e] f A H. Then for -- f 6 D (A)C~N~ ° (~-ge) f ~D(A)Co(N) we have f + AHf" is a sum of a generator and a bounded operator hence it is a gen- erator of some semigroup of measures ator of ~ t ) t > O acting on --it (A) [4]. Let now ~ be the gener- L I(~). By a standard reasoning we have = ~ . 29 Observe that if f eD(A) Co(N) then I uniformly in - 4 f) y~ G ~ , hence in ~/~s Hc LI(~). Also - /&s HI (vf ) ~ [ v - ~e](yf) pointwisely and, since they are all bounded by convergence as well.

I (x) = ix + ~+ IK. f(x) = O, c'est alors un exercice sur la send-con- tinuit6 inf6rieure de montrer qu'il existe, parmi les fonctions zl < f z. Cc~ne ne pourrait pas @tre partiel- z. i, et £i~< f sur [A, +~[ ); alors lira (f(x) - Z1 (x)) = O X+4~o donc son min/mt~n (relatif ~ [A, +~[) sairement nul). La fonction f - £I +~ ; f - Zl O en un point atteint O s > A et ce minimt~n est n6ces- v6rifie alors les hypoth6ses du leone 4 sur O [A, +~[ , ce qui est contradictoire avec lira (f (x) - il (x)) = +~ Le 16m~ne est X~-~o O donc dgmontr@.

It can be expresse@ as an integral : I = I GL(2,~) ~1 Log (az+b)22 + (cz+d)2 z + 1 ~U~ d~(a,b,c,d)dD(z) where ~ is the distribution of A l and ~ is the distribution of Z = nlim~A 1A2,... An(X). For a beautiful account of this theory, the lectures notes of F. Ledrappier [ 5] should be consulted. 1. l of the introduction for special values of the parameters. 1. d, random variables with dis- ax ~(o,~) (x)dx , a > 0 tribution Yi,2/a(dX) = ~a exp(- ~--) An = Xnl 1 . The characteristic exponent % is 01 1 Kl(a) = ~ u t a 1) ~ (u + u exp 1 and o (a) ' where 2K a Kl(a) du u--- O Proof.

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