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Руководство по применению приложений VBA в среде CorelDraw X3. Официальное учебное издание Корпорации COREL©. visible easy For software (VBA) в CorelDRAW используется во всем мире как платформа для разработки мощных корпоративных графических решений, а также для расширения и оптимизации технологического процесса дизайнера в среде CorelDRAW.

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You can create a new View object and add it to the Document object’s Views collection from within the collection itself. AddActiveView "New View" You can also create a new view with specific settings by using the CreateView member function of the Document object. CreateView "New View 2", 3, 4, 95, 6 To restore a view, call that view’s Activate member function. Activate Zooming To zoom in to a set amount, set the Zoom property of the ActiveView member. The zoom is set as a double value in percent.

By using the Item() and Count members, it is straightforward to step through a collection of items. With each iteration, it is possible to test the current item’s properties, or to call its methods. SizeWidth = 10 End If Next I There is, however, a more convenient way of parsing a collection in VBA. SizeWidth = 10 End If Next sh If you want to copy the selection and then parse it later when it is no longer selected, copy the selection into a ShapeRange object: Dim sr As ShapeRange Dim sh As Shape Set sr = ActiveSelectionRange For Each sh In sr ' Do something with each shape Next sh Using shortcut objects CorelDRAW provides several shortcuts to frequently accessed objects.

However, there are two kinds dialog boxes: modal and modeless. Modal dialog boxes must be acted upon before the user can resume the macro. The application is locked until the dialog box is dismissed (either by submitting it or by cancelling it). Built-in dialog boxes that you can control with VBA are almost always modal. Modeless dialog boxes do not lock the application, so they can be left open while the user continues working in the application. In this way, they behave like dockers. Before you can code and design dialog box, you must decide whether to make it modal or modeless.

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