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Bücher zu C/C++ gibt es viele - doch dieses Buch unterscheidet sich durch seine Herangehensweise: Basierend auf konkreten Beispielen aus dem technisch-wissenschaftlichen und mathematischen Bereich vermittelt es Programmier- und Dokumentationstechniken und eignet sich daher besonders für Fachschüler und Bachelor-Studenten.

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On the surface it seems that you could just do a recursive call to CheckRules(string) , but it is important to remember that properties can be dependant on each other. Such a recursive call could result in an infinite loop and, eventually, a stack overflow exception. The private overload of CheckRules() executes the rules for the dependant property. = null) CheckRules(list); } } Using the provided ValidationRulesManager object, this method retrieves the RulesList object for the dependant property, and then gets the list of rule methods from that RulesList object.

Rule severity definitions The severity of a rule is set within the rule method itself. This allows your code in the rule method to determine the appropriate severity for the rule failure, allowing for a great deal of flexibility. Information; return false; } else return true; } In this example, the rule’s logic checks a credit limit value. If the limit is exceeded the result is an error, while if it is just under the limit a warning is issued. If the amount exceeds 50% of the limit then an informational message is returned.

The new Information and Warning severities don’t cause an object to be invalid. That is reserved for Error severity only. IsValid used to just check to see if any rules were broken, it now must check to see if any Error severity rules are broken. ReadOnlyBindingList { private int _errorCount; private int _warningCount; private int _infoCount; // ... public int ErrorCount { get { return _errorCount; } } public int WarningCount { get { return _warningCount; } } public int InformationCount { get { return _infoCount; } } // ...

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