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3 Place a TDataSource component. Set its DataSet property to the Orders TTable. Change its Name property to OrdersSource. 4 Place a TDBComboBox control. Set its properties as shown in the following table. 10 44 Important TDBComboBox properties Property Value Remarks DataField DataSource Items Terms OrdersSource Prepaid Net 30 COD The name of the field in the table this control is linked to. The TDataSource component this control is linked to. Each list item is on its own line. In other words, when you enter list items, press Enter after each item.

As this example shows, there is a difference between editing field values interactively using controls and editing field values in code. By default, the AutoEdit property of a TDataSource component is set to True. A user can type into a data-aware control to that data source and modify the value immediately. When the user moves off that record, changes are posted automatically. But, to modify TField component values based on values entered in a standard edit control, or to perform table modifications in code, you need to explicitly switch to Edit state, set the value, and post changes.

Using queries and ranges The examples in this section show how to select a set of records from a table. In Delphi, you can do this by issuing SQL statements or by setting a range (filter). SQL statements can be either static or dynamic; that is, they can be fixed or include parameters where values are provided at run time. ” What to do (static query) This example shows how to create and execute a static query and display the results in a form. 1 Use Form Expert to build a form based on a query of the Customer table (for detailed instructions, see page 21).

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