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Like panels and group boxes, scroll boxes contain other controls. But a scroll box is normally invisible. If the controls in the scroll box cannot fit in its visible area, the scroll box automatically displays scroll bars. Tab controls The tab control component looks like notebook dividers. You can create tabs by editing the Tabs property in the Object Inspector; each string in Tabs represents a tab. The tab control is a single panel with one set of components on it. To change the appearance of the control when the tabs are clicked, you need to write an OnChange event handler.

Track bars A track bar can set integer values on a continuous range. It is useful for adjusting properties like volume and brightness. The user moves the slide indicator by dragging it to a particular location or clicking within the bar. • Use the Max and Min properties to set the upper and lower range of the track bar. • Use SelEnd and SelStart to highlight a selection range. 3. The Orientation property determines whether the track bar is vertical or horizontal. • By default, a track bar has one row of ticks along the bottom.

For example, many components open a default property editor or other dialog when they are double-clicked at design time. Locating event handlers If you generated a default event handler for a component by double-clicking it in the Form Designer, you can locate that event handler in the same way. Double-click the component, and the Code editor opens with the cursor at the beginning of the eventhandler body. To locate an event handler that’s not the default, 1 In the form, select the component whose event handler you want to locate.

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