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By Alexander Berzin

Alexander Berzin introduces a sequence of thoughts for overcoming insensitivity and hypersensitive reaction. in line with conventional Buddhist assets, they're offered in non-traditional kinds compatible for workshops and personal perform. The workouts care for tricky, daily occasions and exhibit find out how to entry our mind's common skills; dispel anxiety, lack of confidence, and occasional vanity; make judgements; deconstruct misleading appearances; and realize the transparent gentle nature of the brain.

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It is like keeping our garbage in the house and never throwing it out. To overcome feelings of guilt, we need to realize that our previous actions are in the past. We regret that they happened, but we cannot do anything to change the fact that they occurred. We need to get on with our life and no valid reason exists for having to repeat these mistakes. The next step in our exercise is to try to feel disgust with our insensitivity. No longer wishing to tolerate the isolation and anguish this disorder brings, we determine to rid ourselves of it.

Rupakaya has two aspects: a sambhogakaya or body of forms of full use and a nirmanakaya or body of emanations. The former is an array of subtle forms making full use of Buddha's teachings on altruism. The latter is an assortment of grosser forms emanated from sambhogakaya. The tantra literature-texts of advanced techniques for self-transformation-explains sambhogakaya as the collection of all forms of enlightening speech. Nirmanakaya is the full assortment of visible enlightening forms, no matter the level of subtlety.

Once we have learned the techniques as part of a group, we may continue training at home, either by repeating the entire sequence of exercises or by focusing on merely those parts that we find most helpful. As with traditional sadhana practice-multi-scene mental dramas visualized for establishing a pure self-image-familiarity first with the complete training enables us afterwards to keep the context in mind when deepening our practice of any of its aspects. Occasional review of the entire program, by reading the Table of Contents, refreshes our awareness of this context.

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