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The distillation technique is likely one of the such a lot hired setting apart functions in laboratory, strategy and creation. it truly is used for fabric combinations, that have focus transformations within the thermal stability among the vapour and liquid section. The potency is decisively made up our minds via the rate of the cloth and warmth alternate from one section into one other.

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Due to the bent outlet tube, the draining fraction can be directed in one of the four receivers by turning of the receiver adapter. H 70 75 70 80 90 80 NS GL Design 14/23 14/23 14/23 29/32 29/32 29/32 14 14 14 14 14 14 A B C A B C Catalogue No. g. US-standard. 31 DISTILLATION/ACCESSORY MANIFOLD DISTRIBUTOR Standard design NS NS1 14/23 29/32 Catalogue No. 14/23 14/23 GSG 01095F GSG 01095C Model "Konstanz" This design can directly be fitted at a Liebig condenser with skirted cone. NS GL Catalogue No.

G. US-standard. 35 DISTILLATION/ACCESSORY CAPS All spherical ground ball joints are also available in mm-size. with conical ground joint socket These caps have a safety groove. NS Catalogue No. 14/23 19/26 29/32 45/40 GSG GSG GSG GSG 01084 01084 01084 01084 01 02 03 04 with spherical ground joint ball S Catalogue No. 13 19 29 35 40 51 64 GSG GSG GSG GSG GSG GSG GSG 07033D 07033D 07033D 07033D 07033D 07033D 07033D 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 with spherical ground joint cup S Catalogue No. g. US-standard.

The special assembly of the condenser coil avoids any vapour hold up and the herewith connected loss of pressure. The sealed vacuum arm provides the facility to connect a receiver flask without additional devices. The temperature measuring connections are also available as GL 18 thread. H 160 180 L NS GL Thermometerinstallation length 185 235 14/23 29/32 14 14 70 80 Catalogue No. g. US-standard. 30 NORMAG 2005 DISTILLATION/ACCESSORY Micro distillation apparatus These micro distillation apparatus has a sealed vacuum connection.

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