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She died on 17 March 1752. 1. Scolded, complained to. The Dictionary* WILLIAM SHAW Hitherto, he had tried his genius as a translator, a satmst and a biographer; he was now to appear a philologist. The plan of his Dictionary, which he displays with so much elegance and dignity in an address to the late Earl of Chesterfield, was published as early as the year 1748. 1 This performance promised something so much like what all men of taste had long thought wanting to the purity, stability and perfection of our language, exhibited an object of such magnitude to the public * Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Late Dr Samuel Johnson, pp.

He laughed very heartily at the recollection of his own insolence, and said they endured it from him with wonderful acquiescence, and a gentleness that, whenever he thought of it, astonished himself. 2. Dr William Adams ( 1706-89) became acquainted with Johnson at Pembroke College, where Adams, three years older, was already a junior fellow, and he remained a lifelong friend. He succeeded Jorden as tutor in 1734, pursued a career in the church, and returned to Pembroke as Master in 1775. Johnson was his guest in Oxford in June 1784, and Adams became one of Boswell's informants.

3 Sooner than hear of the Punic war, he would be rude to the person that introduced the subject. Johnson was born a logician; one of those to whom only books oflogic are said to be of use. In consequence of his skill in that art, he loved argumentation. No man thought more profoundly, nor with such acute discernment. A fallacy could not stand before him: it was sure to be refuted by strength of reasoning, and a precision both in idea and expression almost unequalled. When he chose by apt illustration to place the argument of his adversary in a ludicrous light, one was almost inclined to think ridicule the test oftruth.

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