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By Brian W. Aldiss

In a super reimagining of Bram Stoker’s horror vintage, an inventor travels again in time to save lots of humankind from a nightmarish enslavement via vampires

Joe Bodenland has discovered the best way to manage time—a discovery that leads him to Utah and an most unlikely sixty-five-million-year-old human gravesite. it really is the following that he learns of the lifestyles of a substantial race of clever predators as outdated because the dinosaur, and of the impressive “train” the undead creatures use to go back and forth from side to side from a Paleolithic prior to a sizeable a long way destiny within which Homo sapiens are enslaved livestock. With the destiny of all humanity at stake, Joe commandeers the ghostly transportation and rides it again to Victorian England, the place he enlists assistance from a strong best friend, the writer Bram Stoker, within the conflict to safe Earth. yet to avoid the arriving apocalyptic nightmare, they have to first confront and break the main crafty and lethal being the area has ever identified: Lord Dracula, the immortal vampire.
The recipient of diverse awards and honors, together with a number of Hugo and Nebula Awards and the Prix Jules Verne, Grand grasp Brian W. Aldiss places a daring new technology ficion spin on Bram Stoker’s vintage story of vampiric horror. An inventive reinvention of the Nosferatu fantasy, Dracula Unbound is a breakneck thrill journey from some of the most respected names in technological know-how fiction and myth.

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