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By Amie L. Thomasson

This demanding research areas fiction squarely on the middle of the dialogue of metaphysics. Philosophers have frequently handled fiction as regarding a suite of slim difficulties in common sense or the philosophy of language. against this Amie Thomasson argues that fiction has far-reaching implications for vital difficulties of metaphysics. The e-book develops an "artifactual" thought of fiction, wherein fictional characters are summary artifacts as traditional as legislation or symphonies or works of literature. In taking heavily the paintings of literary students and in mentioning quite a lot of literary examples, this e-book will curiosity not just philosophers interested in metaphysics and the philosophy of language, but in addition these in literary conception drawn to those foundational concerns.

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Secondly, it would be to mistake a (token of a) description of a fictional character for the character itself. Token descriptions of characters may be located in copies of the literary work, but the fact that a description of some entity has a particular location in no way suggests that the entity is located there as well. Such a mistake would never be made if an actual person was described in a literary work: If Nixon is described in All the President's Men we certainly do not thereby locate Nixon, the man, wherever a copy of this text is.

Is generically dependent on/constantly dependent on/historically dependent on Q. That is, rigid dependence (of any type) on a particular state of affairs involving a property entails generic dependence (of that type) on something instantiating that property: If my being alive is rigidly constantly dependent on my heart beating, then we could also say that my being alive is generically constantly dependent on something beating. If nothing is beating, then I cannot be alive. 4. Dependence is transitive.

The state of affairs of Jim s skin being tanned is such that its coming into existence at a particular time (Memorial Day) required the presence of some ultraviolet light, but there is no particular ultraviolet light that was required for this tan, and Jim's skin can remain tanned (for some period of time) without necessitating the continued presence of ultraviolet light. 11 RELATIONS AMONG TYPES OF DEPENDENCE With so many variations in the dependence relation — to do with necessity, time, whether or not the dependence is rigid, and what sorts of entities are the terms of the relation — it is easy to see how using the simple term "dependence" unexplicated could misleadingly hide a number of equivocations by masking important differences between the relations of dependence involved.

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